I find myself playing this pattern a lot while improvising, especially when using legato and playing jazz/fusion kinda solos. I'm pretty bad in this aspect of theory so I have to ask this question. What would you call this pattern? 16th notes? Legato in groups of 8 notes? Also, do you know any famous guitarist who tends to use this pattern? I want to know where I got it from, I'm guessing Richie Kotzen.


..and so on across the whole scale

Thanks for your question! Without more info it's hard to tell with a tab and without the full scale, ie root to root. Do you resolve to the 3rd fret on the E string? If so that would be in the key of G. And without the seventh shown, it could either be the major scale or the mixolydian scale. What are the rhythmic values to the notes you're playing?

It looks like you are using a 3 note per string scale but without the full scale it's hard to tell.
If it's in G, the full scale, if you stay in that position, will end on the 5th fret of the D string.

So it could either be G major or G mixolydian, if it's in G of course. What are the rhythmic values or rhythmic feel of the songs you are playing it over in? Is it straight rhythm, swinging, or like a slow blues or anywhere in between? If you don't know, is there a song or rhythmic track you can post here for us to hear?

I would call it a sequential pattern.

I don't think we have enough info to assume it is modal or even that's it in G. Without the whole picture (what, if any, chords are played behind it; the entire scale sequence; what other instruments are playing), all we can say is it is a pattern that follows a certain sequence.
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I don't think it has or needs a name. It's five notes of a scale played up and down fast (in legato).

BTW. Tune your guitar. Some of the notes (on the highest strings) were way out of tune.
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