Hey everyone,

this band is new to the world but we arent all new to UG, and we arent new to playing shows and being in a band. we all took a break from that life for a while, moved out of our parents houses, got real jobs, started families. but recently realized we still have something in us that we need to get out, something fresh we need to expose to the world. we played hardcore for a while. but now we are going for something with a little more emotion and meaning. We dont mean to sound corny but please take a look for yourselves.

Of Curiosities Bandcamp

Upon starting this we really didnt know where we were going to go with it, at first we were just writing a song. but we soon realized we couldnt be stopped there. we need to take this where we can. we just need a little help getting things going.

that being said, we've started a kickstarter, and i know EVERYONE is doing these things nowadays to raise money for this stuff. but if you feel like you can help us out. please do. it would mean the world to us, and we mean that in the most sincere way possible. we just want to bring everything we can to the scene as a band. but we need a little help.


thankyou for taking the time to check us out.

Link back to your bands in the comments and ill check you guys out too,

Of Curiosities
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