I am from HongKong and I am new to this forum, but I felt that I need to raise this issue to everyone’s attention. I run a music instrument store selling mainly guitars, basses, amps, and as a guitarists myself, I love to search for gears for myself and/or my customers around the world from time to time, however, I suspected that I was being deceived and ripped off by www.rockandrollicon.com regarding a sales deal of a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Ultima with Flame inlay and quilt maple top in Apr.2014.
I found this guitar (ebay item no. 171226518781, a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Ultima), but the item was sold on Feb.03. I sent an enquiry to the seller on Apr.2 asking for the contact details of the new owner via ebay, then I received an email sent to me from contact@rockandrollicon.com. A guy name Charles said that buyer did not complete the deal and so we could discuss if I am interested. He said his company is www.rockandrollicon.com. I have watched the 2 videos from their website that introduce the company.
This company is running a full time exhibition of several rock star’s and band’s photos. Here is the company registration info:
After negotiation on the price and terms, we have reached an agreement that they will ship me the guitar for a total GBP3900 (around US$6600).
I totally trusted this company not only because of the contents of their website but also the representation from Charles. As per Charles’ instruction, I wired the money to a guy name Bradley Collins (a past director of Rock and Roll Limited) on Apr.4.2014, here is his profile I found by Google search: https://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/director/4070039/bradley-collins
I have stated clearly with the wire transfer that the money is for purchasing a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Ultima, later I have also reminded them to ship me the right guitar on Apr.09.
I got the confirmation from Charles that the money was well received on Apr.7 and he has booked DHL for shipping on that day. However, after chasing after him the tracking information for a few days, he finally chose not to reply my mail. I then gave him 2 options on Apr.10 which is clearly after the date of the promised shipment and clearly in breach of the agreement between us:
1. ship the right guitar and provide me tracking info. on or before Apr.11
2. issue full refund to me
After not hearing from him or anyone from www.rockandrollicon.com, on Apr.11 I have no choice but to file a case with the UK police via the Action Fraud.

After not hearing from them for another week, on Apr.18, I sent another email and told Charles if he does not reply within the next 24 hours then I may take legal actions. He then responded within a few minutes and promised to ship the guitar after the Easter holiday, which is on Apr.22 (15 days after he received my money).

On Apr.22, I sent another 2 mails asking for the shipping status, then Charles sent me a ParcelForce tracking number and told me not to contact them again.

On Apr.25, I have received the parcel (the shipping form stated that it was Bradley Collins who shipped the guitar) but it is a made in China Gibson Baldwin Les Paul shaped guitar with market price US$150 to 200:
This is clearly NOT the 1998 Gibson Les Paul Ultima Flame guitar that we were discussing from the beginning: ebay Item no.: 171226518781. I sent Charles 2 emails immediately complaining that they did not send me the right guitar, I also sent them the photos showing the unpacking process of the parcel. However, I do not receive any reply from them since then.

My lawyer has also sent them demand letter to their address in London and North Shields 2 weeks ago. We still do not receive reply from the company as of today.

I suspect that I was being deceived by www.rockandrollicon.com. My personal advice is to stay away from this company and don’t deal with them in the future anymore.