I'm trying to get to a sound like this without having to buy this setup. I've got a strat and fender blues deville with a bad monkey overdrive and me-50 multi fx. Is there a pedal that can get me close to this?

I love the creamy fuzzy warm sound, it's what Ive been searching for for some time but never found an example.

ANy advice?

Damn that's sweet.

Any good Muff will get you in the ballpark. Though volume is a big factor as well. The louder you can play, the better it'll sound.

I have an Earthquaker Hoof that I love to death. I always recommend it when a Muff fuzz is called for.

Also check out the Blackout Musket, that's another sweet one. As is the Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan (though to my ears the Manx is a bit more classic/Gilmoury ish Muff, rather than modern sludgy like this).
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Other great muff pedals would be Wren & Cuff tall font, Ark effects Big Green and Stomp under Foot russian big muff. But the hoof is an amazing pedal, been wanting one myself for a while
a fuzz pedal of some kind might do that, yeah. probably muff as they've been saying.
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