Me and my band are trying to record an album.
A recording studio, which we have chosen, is using Re-Amping for recording.

The question is, if Re-Amping is a suitable recording technique for this kind of Music.

A few examples of Bands, whose sound we like (Eyehategod, Weedater, Dopethrone, ...):

Would you say, that Re-Amping is wrong for this kind of music?
Reamping is suitable for EVERY kind of music (that has guitars at least). Literally all it does is give you flexibility to change your amp after you record if the one you used when tracking doesn't suit the mix. It also means that you are less likely to be harassing the engineer to stop playing with the mic/amp and just record already, because you'll already be done recording so you'll be more patient.
But I would still loose the ability to play with feedbacks. If you listen to the bands I posted above, they all sound somewhat "dirty" and "raw". Songs that were recorded via Re-Amping sound very clear and differenciated.
Am I wrong with this assumption?
If yes, do you know some sound examples that were recorded via Re-Amping, that use the style of music posted above?

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If you still have an amp for monitoring then feedback is totally possible, if you do it with the amp you use for monitoring then it will still work just the same when the dry guitar is played back through any amp. Proper re-amping is indistinguishable from micing the same amp so I'm afraid I can't tell for sure who has and hasn't used reaming.