Hello everyone, long time no see. This time I bring you two new songs: the first one is a month old, and the other one is a idea I had around for a couple of months but only managed to finish yesterday. Although the first one is meant to fade out to the second one, you don't really need to listen to both of them if you don't want to, and I'd prefer if you listened to/reviewed somedang. Keep in mind this is grind, so yes I'm aware that 90% of the drums are blast beats and the songs are really short. Hope you enjoy.
Also, I'm not going to crit you back immediately but I'll do it eventually, don't worry.
Right. Well.

You've certainly mastered the art of making noise I'll tell you that.

Somedang has very little in the way of musicality though. Those discords simply don't let up for a second. I'm not suggesting you write grind in a totally ungrind way, of course I'm not, it's just... the first song shows me you can write this stuff with a little more nuance. Know what I mean?

Aside from that I really did like that first slab of grind. Fun stuff!

Got nothing for criting. Might post something soon, might not.
Somedang is very brutal. I don't have a good ear for grind music but I kinda get the melodies from your chords. I like the clean guitar playing right before bar 85, the perfect amount of mellow sounds and then it's followed by heavy chords, very ''grinding''. The best part is your lead starting on bar 133, sounds egyptians or something haha. I like your drums idk why but it keeps the vibe going on.

The other song sounds like a orchestra in the intro (like a old movie them song). I like the breakdown too.

You write well, great stuff as always. Definitely not for everyone. You probably master that genre of music. What are you going to do now? haha.
On somedang I was having fun and added some stuff to the part around bar 77. Nothing majestic or tight but it might just throw ideas around.

EDIT: the version I want you to listen to is somedang_mod_by_matthew I struggled sorry.
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