I've looked through countless guides. I think I'm just missing 1 small thing...

I can route all the outputs fine, that's no problem but, the midi channels seem to have to effect. The track with Kontakt 5 as an fx needs to be set to record and it only ever makes the instruments sound if the instruments are set to midi track 1. Turning the record button off the Kontakt 5 track (FX) will make it stop making sounds. The Midi channels routed (the automatic 16 set reaper does) have no effect.

What's going on? Would anyone know the solution to this problem?

Basically if the FX track is set to record, the sound is on, and I can select the inputs if the instruments in Kontakt are set to midi 1. If the Kontakt FX track is not armed to record no sound comes out.
I've done this fine is stylus RMX and Omnisphere, I don't understand what''s going on with the midi though.
Hmm, well I'm not super experienced, I just got Kontakt and Reaper the other day so I could use Drummic'a. I was having a hell of a time getting the outputs all routed and everything. These pages solved my problem.



Hopefully you find some useful bits there!
Hey this is not an answer, but I have a problem with Kontakt 5 in reaper too. I use it with East West gold library to play midi files. It sounds fine, but it delays a bit, so it sounds quite wrong in a mix..