This song is a little different than the recording, as I finally decided that the chorus was too long, so I split them in half for each chorus, here it is:

Deja Voodoo by Craig Antley

The clouds darken, windows closed
No way out, nowhere to go
Spiders crawl in my skin
Sweaty palms with pale blue tinge
Lightning strikes the white dove down
The serpent rises through the rain-soaked ground

Please send me something, to save my soul
I'm losing grip, losing control
And if it happens that I am denied
I think I might, might just die

The killer approaches, saw-toothed grin
Nothing but bones, not one stitch of skin
Click-click-clack, his boots get louder
Gun in hand, my pulse pushes faster
Shot fired, crimsoned pants
Laughing faces in the mirrors of my hands

Deja Voodoo, clouds in sand
Whisk me away in your caravan
Deja voodoo, mirror glow
The void strikes twelve, pack bags and go
Pack bags and go
Pack bags and go


And if this moment marks my fate
Won't weep and cry, won't stay up late
Out of the ashes and into the flames
Searing hot, gonna break these chains!