I've never owned an acoustic amp before and I'm looking at these in particular. My requirements are simple.

I do not require built in effects (seems almost impossible to find an amp without them...) I have my own pedal board.

Main uses are on stage monitor and to amplify solo acoustic coffee house gigs.

Under $500.

Someone with more knowledge then me able to help me out? Other brands?
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sorry, i don't use much for acoustic amps so i don't have an extensive knowledge of them. i did try the Marshall amp when i was searching. i liked it a lot. i ended up with a Roland AC60( and later an AC90 also). it just seemed to bring out more of the acoustics sound than any other amp i tried. i haven't tried the loudbox mini but it does get some great reviews and is a very popular lower cost alternative.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I can't speak to the Peavey you're lopoking at, but I have the Ecoustic 208.

It's fair at best. The s/n ratio is poor, (about 40Db)!. The twin 8" speakers are peaky in the bottom, and the onboard spring reverb, is being supplanted by a Berhinger foot pedal.

They advertise the amp as having,"true analog chorus". Well, if noisier BBD's could be found, I'm sure Peavey would find them. Here again, the chorus is being done by a Berhinger stomp box, which is way, way, quieter, and better sounding than the onboard chorus. The onboard chorus is hard enough to turn off, that you must switch it to the amp channel you're not using, and peg the gain on zero. Believe it or not, you can still hear a tiny bit of noise from it, in the output.

So, caveat emptor.

I've heard good things about some of Peavey's tube electric amps, but I don't think acoustic amps are really their bailiwick.

Although, I've considered that a 1 X 10" cabinet would be a better solution for acoustic than the twin eights. It seems to me the bass would be a bit more linear, and go lower in that configuration. With my 2 x 8's, when you boost the bass to where you'd like it, it starts to "woof", peaking on one note, which is most likely the free air resonance of those speakers.

A 10" or 12" speakers free air resonance should be below the frequency of the E-6, string, (somewhere about 80Hz), hence the audible peak would be reduced or eliminated.
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I highly recommend the Fishman.
Sweetwater has both the Mini and the Artist series on special as an artist package with Sennheiser mic/boom/stand.

I bought the Artist Package.