Well, to cut a long story short, I'm craving for one of these guitars, particularly for the latter, but the thing is, it's quite more expensive than the one with a tuner and there's also a sweet discount for the one with the tuner at one of our stores, so...

Does anyone know, if there's any difference between the two soundweise? I've looked everywhere, don't seem to find an answer. Does the 4th top add anything to the tone on a Plus model? Or is the price increase due solely to more paint on the wood?

If someone has played both of them at a store and could answer the question, whether there's a sonic difference between the 2 or not, I would be very grateful!
I own a 2014 standard plus.
Only difference is the Min E tune and top wood figure.
Edit: forgot, the nut is a bit different too.
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The price difference is the application of the veneer.
"It looks better."

Why not just a straight up LP Std?
Min-e Tune is bad juju to me.