You know, countless hundreds and hundreds of billions of years ago, some star -a soul- , somewhere in the universe brewed all the necessary ingredients for life and exploded

and after years of quantum mechanics taking a magical foothold on these strange particles, forming crimson stars and exploding limpid stars and forming large chunks of ice, rocks, black holes, planets ... and even more stars into the solar system,

Earth began to form and due to the uncanny coincidences and improbabilities of all the asteroids hitting (and missing) Earth at the exact right times, it began to form the heart of life.

All the star-stuff generated within a time lost into the infinities of time and space, began to form its greatest creation as years of violence, droughts, floods, volcanic ash, and earthquake were but a prerequisite to years of food, of water, of beautiful survival and eventually after this long process sprouting out fishes and reptiles and birds and ... mammals. We started to come along and make love to establish our never-forgotten footprint in the universe -& the multiverse.

Then humans traveled across the globe breeding and inhabiting in all the far reaches of the Earth until, a century ago, my grandfather came off a boat from Ireland.

And down through his line, I spawned and my entire life, I spent wandering the world. Researching, learning, loving, and feeling - and perpetually doing. Through heartbreaks and failures (and loves and successes) all permanently changing the course of my life to make this one moment, a seeming - infinitesimally small - chance of impossibility... an inevitable destiny to be fulfilled...

now we do the sex.