Do you fingerpluck with all your fingers? I realised that I use my thumb, index and middle fingers to pluck the guitar strings most of the time. Will my technique improve if I use all my fingers to pluck the strings?
It's pretty unheard of to use anything past the ring finger to fingerpick, so I'd recommend just adding the ring and seeing where it takes you. I usually add my ring finger when I'm playing rhythm or chords, and leave it off when soloing.
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In classical guitar we learn that the from the thumb, we call it P,I,M,A.(thumb, index,middle,ring fingers respectively). I dont think i can recall ever going beyond the ring finger. The pinky finger could be used but it takes a while to train the muscle to be able to pluck consistently and properly. Good luck!
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One thing i've been doing recently when i'm just noodling the blues is hybrid picking.Just using my pick for the E,A,D strings and using my other 3 fingers for the G,B,E strings.Just introducing them slowly and making it kind of habbit to get those fingers involved a little more,It is becoming more natural to me slowly.Also practicing jazz II,V,I progressions in the same way,Using my pick for the Low E and A while assigning my other fingers to the rest of the strings,Now it's becoming less of a conscious thing and just something i do.Just practice really until it becomes habbit.