I have just got a Presonus 1818VSL.

After messing about with the included software I now have both Studio one 2 working on my imac and audiobox 1818VSL. (and on a PC laptop too – what the heck I was on a roll)
My question is what does one use the VSL software for. It seems to me you can do everything in Studio One.

This may be a stupid question,but really I want to spend my time studying the new software and if I can concentrate on just one then all the better.

Is the Audiobox VSL just in case you do not have any mixing software?
Or does it run in the background when I'm using Studio One.

You can see I have no idea....

Thank you to anyone who can help me here.

All the best

St John
It should be used to control the routing paths and (I think) the gain of the different inputs if you don't fancy turning knobs.
It's not for recording anyway.
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Im no expert on this as I have only just recently brought an audiobox vsl22.
At the moment I have been engaging the vsl and the fat channel so that when I have headphones on I can hear some effects back through the headphones. You can also record the effects added with the fat channel if you want.