Its garage sale time in the KC metro area and I picked up this Yamaha RGXTT D6 for $200, it looks virtually brand new, no discernable wear at all. Its the green burst which is cool looking, it set up fantastic, I wasn't sure how I'd like the longer 26.25" scale, but its actually quite comfy to me. It is very similar to my Brian Moore i9. I'm not too keen on the sound of this instrument, though. A Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and Vintage Rails in the middle and neck with 250k pots for all pickups. I generally stay away from signature instruments cause there built to accommodate someone elses style, but for the price and condition I couldn't pass it up.
Has anyone here messed around with different pickup and potentiometer configurations with this particular guitar? I may keep the JB in the bridge cause I like the pickup but not with the 250k pot. And something with a bit more power in the middle and neck with a 500k pot...i.e SC sized humbucker...
I'm thinking that this guitar will be tuned to D standard to start and be used for heavier rock sounds.
I've never heard anyone other than Tabor using this guitar and it didn't seem like he used it very long.
I'm rather impressed with the playability and quality of this guitar, so I think I'll hold onto it, I just have a few other guitar projects going and id like to shorten the time up to find a more pleasing sound for this instrument. And yes I'll be using a tube amp with this, perhaps the JSX or my Mace . And I would prefer feedback from the more seasoned and experienced players, sorry kiddies!!
If you went with 500k pots all around and changed the middle to a Cool Rails and the neck to a Hot Rails/Lil 59 you'd have one hell of a screamer that would handily beat anything in the price range. Those Ty Tabor guitars are ridiculously underrated, the fact you got one for two hundy makes me so jelly
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Congrats on the good find!

I love garage sales...you never know what you're gonna find!
I don't have the Drop 6 version, but I do have the regular RGXTT. I've had it for twelve years. Got it for a little over $300. One of the best guitars I've ever played. And it's beauuuutiiiiifullllll!
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