anyone use this social media outlets , if so how often do you use them and which is your favourite out of them?
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I use Twitter to follow people, and I use Facebook as an excuse for when people say "what do you do on the computer all day" I say "oh you know, Facebook and stuff" even though I never use Facebook.
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it's all coming back

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Facebook is aight, but Twitter is for narcissists.
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Both. I use Facebook for keeping in touch with friends, and Twitter for moaning about footsoccer.
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I use both daily.
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Facebook every day.

I have a Twitter account but never use it
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i have a twitter but ive never had a fb. idk why i never made one.
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I use both. I'm beginning to prefer Twatter to be honest.
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I made a twitter for my website, but I hardly update it.

I use Facebook pretty regularly.
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I only use facebook as the laziest way to maintain long distance friendships, and to see my relatives hilariously misinterpret my posts.
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it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
I use Facebook mostly just for sharing my youtube links with friends and cracking some jokes... Other than that I use the chat. That's about it.
I used Facebook for a few months at the beginning of this past school year for the first time in three years, but got rid of it again after just over a month

The last tweet I sent was "the world is your oyster, so shuck it" in April of 2012. I stopped tweeting because I'm no good at it. It's actually useful for finding world news and musicians/bands, but meh
Last.fm So you can make fun of my taste in music
Youtube So you can make fun of my videos
I use facebook to follow bands/ companies/ tv shows ( ihave have all my friends set so i can't see what they post) and instagram when i feel like posting pictures. I also use an iphone app called SixString which is like facebook for guitarists.
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I never use Twitter. It's better than facebook, but I just don't like it that much.
I use facebook mostly for sharing pictures and my music, I don't like posting status's or being a like/comment slut.
My favorite social media platform is Instagram. I love sharing my photography and events/travels.

Does snapchat count? It's pretty cool for sharing stuff on the MyStory thing for 24 hours. You can share stuff on there you wouldn't share on instagram (crappy pics, lame/everyday stuff, funny short videos, etc)
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I use Facebook all day every day. It's great for chatting with my friends, my main way of communicating with my girlfriend and I just enjoy all the stuff on my news feed. Twitter... lolnah.
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Twitters the best. Facebook is alright for talking to people and pictures and stuff but way too much garbage on the news feed.

I tweet relentlessly.
I'm starting get really annoyed with instagram because people only like my food pics and selfies, neither of which I really care about
i use neither. twitter is a source of hilarity that i receive secondhand and facebook got old real fast.
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I only use Facebook to talk to people at my desk. Feel free to follow me on Twitter [it's probably in my sig] and I'll follow back if you tweet


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I have FB and check it a couple of times a day but don't really use it per se. I don't have twitter or instagram though and don't really have any desire to start using them.
I use Facebook and have it running in the background whenever I'm on the computer.....I'm at that stage in my life though where my friends list keeps shrinking, after removing all the swagfags and drama queens.

I tried twitter once......never again
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I have a twitter but I don't use it

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twitter - have one never use it. made it as a joke.
facebook - had one since uni days when it was just taking off. was only logging once a month at most, but I've been going on about once a week now, to check event invites, since it gets used a lot for organising minor gigs.

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Never tried Twitter myself. Been on other people's accounts, pretty meh.

Facebook everyday. Even when I know there's nothing interesting on my news feeds, I'll still refresh the page frequently to see if anything good has happened in the past 30 seconds...
I use facebook everyday and ive gone off twitter really
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I use Facebook daily, multiple times per day, to chat with my friends (especially during work hours ).

The Twitter account I use is my band's, and I only use it to post band-related stuff.
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I use Facebook to keep up to date on information with bands, musicians, and other famous people I like. I don't use Twitter, though.