Hi everyone,

New member here, but been using UG since 2006.

You probably know that Schecter released a new line of guitars for 2014, and I believe have been available in stores for a few months now.

I'm very interested in the new Blackjack c-1 with the SD Nazgûl and Sentient pickups (only guitar that has those for 6 string), but I'm very surprised I haven't found consumer reviews online anywhere or on YouTube. Id like to learn more about the guitar before purchasing it!

More info or reviews on other guitars in the new line would help too. Here's the guitar (Schecter website is down for me) http://m.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Blackjack-C-1-Electric-Guitar-J05206-i3595906.gc

Any help and replies greatly appreciated!
The Blackjack models are the best MIK guitars Schecter sells. Parts and build quality are both the equal of guitars that cost far more.

If you’re handy with a soldering iron you could save a lot by buying a used Blackjack and swapping the pickups yourself. Used Blackjacks commonly sell for $250–$350 at Guitar Center and if you just check the site every day something will turn up. Also check pawn shops, they tend to dump these guitars cheap.
Do they still have an absurd amount of Abalone on them?( not the BlackJack, the other models)
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Recently I've played a Solo 6 w/ Duncans, a Blackjack ATX (I think...) with Duncans and no fret board markers except for a 12 fret skull marker, and a Corsair (semi-hollow) also with Duncans.

They were all very good guitars for the price point. I almost bought the Blackjack ATX but held off because I thought the neck was too thin for me. I could probably get used to it, so I might roll the dice on that in the future.

My experience with the 3 above has opened my eyes to Schecter as a brand. In the past I haven't thought very highly of them, probably because most their endorsers are guitarists I don't listen to much, if at all. But damn if they aren't some good quality and good sounding guitars! Fit and finish looked really good on the ones above as well.

If you are considering one,just freaking do it. Used prices on these are good, and alot of their axes come with real Seymour Duncans, so that is a big plus as well.
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