Looking for a "fun" way (ie - don't want to get burnt out) to practice augmented and diminished triads. For major and minor I've been looping a chord progression (all major or all minor) and try playing different combinations of triads over it..keeps it fun while definitely challenging. Problem with dim/aug chords is a progression of all diminished or all augmented doesn't sound very good.

Ideas/suggestions? I'm not yet at the point where I know what kind of progression each sounds good with...I guess I could figure that out and play the triad when I get to that chord. Problem is I want to focus on those specifically - harder to do if it's just one chord in a progression. Or at least less efficient in regards to that specific type of triad.

May be a dumb question but thought I'd ask! Cheers!
Practice playing and resolving those diminished & augmented triads to a major or minor tonality. That's more useful, more musical, though I personally have a lot of fun staying in the whole tone or diminished sound.

Aug triad -- Any note a half step up makes it minor, half step down makes it major. You could also think of the altered dominant (#5) built on one of the triad notes, and resolve down a fifth.

Dim triad -- Think of the dom7b9 chord a major third below any of the triad's notes and resolve a fifth down from there.

Have fun!
Tickle me.
Practice bach. Niggas got diminished chord in all inversions and voicings like every other bar
Yeah, if you really want to know how the pros do it...look back to other periods of music, Romantic, Baroque, Classical. Look at Bach, Chopin, Beethoven etc. It really inspired me and opens up so many views on things.