I have been trying to find some great guitar pedals to purchase, and have hit a wall. Now, because of all of the music i play, i need good affects, but i don't have a giant budget, and am thinking of second hand pedals also (local), but what are some good pedals? I am getting a Wah, and a Ibanez tube screamer, but I'm also looking for a pedal that has multiple affects, and can record tracks on it, can you please help? Thanks!
Budget? And to what extent are you looking to record? Like, something like a simple 30 second loop? Or legit full tracks?
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Sounds like you need a POD. A older HD300 isn't a ton, has a lot of effects and amp models and can be used as an interface with your computer. Just get a cheap DAW like Reaper.
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Just throwing It out there, but if you've got a good guitar tech in your neighborhood, clones are much cheaper, sound better (imo), made with love and supports your local tech instead of ibanez, which can benefit you much better down the road. I love ordering pedals this way (notice my sig), you can customize more and paint it yourself too. I use a boost, an od and a fuzz, all clones, I spent just a lil over $100 total for all 3 and the q and sound is as good or better than the originals.

If you have a really tight budget, a Zoom G3 isn't a bad option. It has a looper and a drum track metronome so it makes a superb practice tool. Its a very good deal for all you get.
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...I'm also looking for a pedal that has multiple affects, and can record tracks on it, can you please help? Thanks!
Pod or Vox Tonelab LE. Both have very good effects that are reasonably easy to tweak to taste. With either of them you won't need a tube screamer as they have lots of available gain.
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Thanks! And lucky, thanks for the advice, i might try that. And thank you all for the help, ill be researching all of these tonight!