Hi, I am new and apologize if this is not the proper place for this question. I purchased this steel guitar at an estate sale today. The guitar is kind of beat up looking and I notice that some pieces are missing. I also am having trouble identifying it beyond it saying Supro. I have looked up Supro but I can find no other which look like this one in my research today. I thought perhaps one of this forums knowledgeable members may be able to help me? I really am thankful for any help regarding repair knowledge or identification.
A Supro resonator. They were very non-standardized guitars using bits and pieces from all over with inconsistent manufacturing and model line. A nice piece of history.


"Also new in ’39 was the Supro Collegian Guitar Family. This consisted of a number of metal-bodied resonators, the No. 25 Spanish, No. 26 Hawaiian, No. 27 Tenor, No. 28 Mandolin, and No. 29 Ukulele. These had metal bodies made of brass – no doubt leftover Style 97 and Style 0 National bodies – and painted a yellowish maple color, with a clear plastic pickguard. This latter guitar took over the bottom of the National resonator line, pushing out the Duolian, which was no longer offered. All but the uke cost $35, the uke $20.

These new acoustic Supros probably only lasted a couple years as Supros. In 1941, the Collegians were shifted to the National line and were still available in ’42."
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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