I have a quick question about Shecter Hellraisers. I found a used 2006 Hellraiser 6-string with EMG 81/85 pickups in a guitar shop and its in great condition... almost as if it was never used. I've been looking for a Hellraiser for a while because it felt like a great guitar to play rock/metal with. I typically play anywhere from E standard - D flat (or C#). I don't really like going down to B or A and playing Deathcore or Djent :p

Is there any real significant differences that make the newer models better than the 2006 or should I go ahead and buy it for $350? Any input at all would be greatly appreciated!

Newer Hellraisers have EMG 81/89 set which you can split to single coils if you want to. I think you can't do that with EMG 81/85 on the model you are looking at (but I'm not sure about that). There's probably no other big differences between those guitars.

If it's in good condition and the price is good, go for it.
i'd Go for Schecter Hellraiser since got Schecter helleraiser C7 special version and its best guitar i ever owned i think. Neck is a little fat but i do love it and sound of EMG's. One thign that comes in my mind why B and A tunings are meant for djent and crapcore, in 1980 people tuned Down to G even. Like metal band warhorse i think. So thats ******ed opinion.
Honestly, I owned the Hellraiser with Coil-Splits (81/89). The Active EMGs left something to be desired vs my new Les Paul Custom Pro with SD Jazz pickups.

I prefer passive pickups now.

It's all preference though.
$350 is a pretty good price and they are a good guitar.
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