So yeah, here's this weeks radio. I actually included more than one metal song this time you'll all be pleased to hear. Tried to make it a bit of a journey with the flow and feel of it and stuff, I tried to get that sound that people generally consider depressing or melancholic, but when you listen to the bigger picture is filled with hope and triumph. Though how successful that is remains to be seen, but I like it.


edit: despite the automatically generated list of artists that 8tracks throws up, I can assure you that Skrillex isn't featured in this mix.

Come on chaps (and chappetes?) let's get this rota back up and running, otherwise I'm going again next week with my tribute to the films of Terrence Malick.

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Annihislater - 26/05/2014 (unless anyone else gets in on it, in which case I'll bump myself down)
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I think it's because I used a Cliff Martinez track from Spring Breakers OST, which was sort of 40% Martinez 40% Skrillex, I reckon 8tracks just reads the info, spots the album Spring Breakers OST and assumes Skrillex is the artist for it or something.
Either that or it acknowledges him as a writer as I think Son of Scary Monsters is kind of a "Variation on a theme" kind of job, and maybe he gets a writing credit for it, I'm not sure.

Also how would one go about changing their forum name, AnnihiSSlater has a certain ring to it haha