Hi all, long time reader but thought it's time I asked some advice from you all...

I'm currently lusting after a Les Paul studio, but I've always played Fenders. My first love at the moment is a Highway One Strat with Bareknuckle Nailbombs fitted- given that this has jumbo frets & sounds really not like a Fender at all, am I just kidding myself and should I really just be thinking seriously about going Gibson?
None of that information really helps us know if you're looking for a Gibson

Buying a Gibson without trying it first is asking for trouble, though, so go try a few and see what sticks.
If your "first love" is a hot-humbucker equipped guitar with a 25,5 scale, I wouldn't recommend going for a gibson. If you really like the Les Paul shape you should check some of the ESP/Ltd Eclipses or even the Schecter Solo 6.
I think alot of my desire is also based around guitar sounds like AFI and others who have that classic Mesa/Les Paul sound.

But that's the question, will playing a Les Paul custom in a shop really give me a good impression of the lower end guitars? As a leftie, I have very little choice in my local shops.
The only way to know if you want a Gibson is to go play one. Not just any one, you have to play the actual guitar you may buy. It's no good trying one in a shop, then buying something similar on the internet. It won't be the same.
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If you like the Fender feel, but want a thick humbucker sound, I think Reverend Guitars will have a lot of options for you.
Keep in mind, that "Band X" sound you hear on the albums is usually a mix of several amps and doubled guitars. It is usually not very representative of "this guitar and that amp".
Definitely go play one. Any one, and see if the extra weight and completely different neck feel are ok for you.
One is not better than the other, mind you, just different.
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Quote by JustRooster
If you like the Fender feel, but want a thick humbucker sound, I think Reverend Guitars will have a lot of options for you.

Normally, I'd be 100% on this! but there was this bit of info that snuck in:

As a leftie, I have very little choice in my local shops.

Although Reverend does make lefty guitars, they usually only have a couple different models in production at any one time. At this point in time, it is the Manta Ray 290 (with 2 P90s) and the Double Agent (P90 in the neck, HB in the bridge).

www.reverendguitars.com/instrument/jetstream-390-lefty/ http://www.reverendguitars.com/instrument/buckshot-lefty/

...and if you actually read the links, they're mislabeled as the Buckshot (Tele bridge with a
RevTron mini-HB in neck) and the Jetstream 390 (3 P90s, surprise), which were the prior production lefties. Rev may have just changed the website in the last day or so.

Check out these Lefty Guitar Resources:


FWIW, Adirondack Guitars happens to have 8 lefty Rev models! They have the four mentioned above, plus some leftovers of the prior lefty runs: one each of a Jetstream 290, a Flatroc (2 RevTron mini-HBs), a Sensei HB (their version of a Gibson SG) and a Volcano (a HH Flying V).

Also of interest, Adirondack has a few lefty Maldens, including their version of the LP- the Karma and Bad Karma. The Karma will be most like a typical LP in terms of the pickups' overall tone. The Bad Karma- I own a righty- is equipped with more aggressive pickups.

www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/malden/karma_lh.htm http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/malden/uber.htm

Last highlight from Adirondack for me is the Electra Omega. I bought an Electra Omega Prime a few months ago, and have found it to be a very versatile and well made take on the LP-style guitar.

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The only way to know if you'll like a Gibson is to go somewhere and play some! Asking people what they like or think about your needs/wants will always be a crap shoot.
Moving on.....
As a lefty, I can sympathize with you in understanding that you will most likely not be able to try out your guitar of choice before purchasing... Unless you go to Texas, Florida or one of the corners of the earth that has one of the handful of lefty guitar shops. I have been able to play only 2 out of the 10 I've purchased in my life before I bought them.

If you are set on getting a Gibson, check out some of the righty models they have in your local guitar shop, flip it upside down Jimi Hendrix style, plug that thing in and see if it is the sound you are looking for. Sure if it's a Les Paul you won't get the proper feel and comfort because of it's asymmetrical shape, but that's something to look forward to when you receive your lefty. Unfortunately it's a bit of a crap shoot for us lefties, but if you have an idea of what you want, just order it. You can always sell it to me, or another lefty if it's not exactly what you're looking for and try again.