Getting ready to change out pickups. This will be my first time and will be changing out pickups, pots, etc. I know that I need a soldering iron, solder, solder removal wick from watching some how too videos. Is there any particular iron, etc that I should get or will a $15 kit from Amazon with all included be enough?
Most people use between 20-40W irons for small electronics work like guitars and pickups. I actually use a Tekton Soldering Iron that I found brand new at a flea market last year. When my garage gets cleaned out a bit, I might switch to a variable temperature iron. Wellers are also a popular brand irons, too.

Also, make sure you buy solder (usually 0.022" diameter) that has a rosin sore in it. Acid-core solder is used for plumbing, and from what I hear, be a pain in the ass for electrical components.
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