I'm a self-taught guitarist. Far from really being good, but it's okay I guess considering how little time I actually can put into it.

I was 16 when I started playing. After some time I felt like playing around with tunings. Needless to say, I had (and still have) basically no clue how to properly setup a guitar or even have the proper tools. Stupid teenage thought it was a good idea to play around with truss rod to achieve proper intonation. Obviously I only made it worse and ruined all kinds of configurations a guitar can have. Put some thick as strings because I wanted to be so br00tal and tune low, but strings almost didn't fit on it so I got some poor tools and basically violated the guitar to make the strings fit. Now that I'm a bit smarter and actually am getting really fed up with my guitar. Well mostly my bass, it's so incredibly ****ed up you wouldn't believe it. The frets are basically useless at this point as they are inaccurate as can be. I think my neck pickups are kind of not working too for some reason.

Never went to a shop before. So I have no idea how that stuff goes. What are the usual prices I can expect for them to fix my guitar / bass to be playable again? You know, proper intonation and all that, fixing the pickups, fret buzz...
$50-$150+ depending on what it needs
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That's a nice thread, but mechanics and screws on the instruments are quite ****ed up too and need replacement so it's not like I could really fix anything.

So 50$ and more...kind of expected it to be that much but it still makes my wallet bleed...damn
And you can't replace them yourself because?
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Heres a link to the rates of a guitar tech i take my stuff to every now and then.

One you find might be cheaper, might be more expensive. Should at least give you an idea of prices involved.

The prices might not seem cheap but its been worth every penny whenever he's worked on my guitars

Quote by Cathbard
And you can't replace them yourself because?

Because I'm not a tech and don't have access to the proper equipment or tools needed. Some of the screws are so ****ed I can't even get them out anymore. The reason my instruments got so messed up are exactly because I thought I could do it myself but I failed miserably. And especially if soldering is needed (I'm pretty sure my neck pickups on at least one guitar are ****ed for some reason) I totally can't do it.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll probably go to a guitar shop nearby and bring one of my guitars along and let them get a first look and give me an estimate. Considering I'd need 3 guitars and 1 bass fixed I'm guessing this will be a very expensive business.
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Go home adbot your drunk, unless the NBA actually sold the naming rights to the playoffs. They do sell bits to remove stripped screws and whatnot ts, they are like 5 bucks. Soldering is way easier then you think ts YouTube is your friend
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