For sale are the following pedals (reasonable offers considered):

Budda Budwah wah pedal: £80
TC Electronic Ditto Looper: £70
CoPilot FX Polypus Tremolo: £60
Toadworks Mr Ed Distortion: £40
Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay: £60
Boss RC-20 Looper (inc. power supply): £60
Digitech Whammy IV (inc. power supply + original box): £70

Postage-wise the bigger pedals would be around £10 the smaller £5

All in working order. Images can be found here: http://s1186.photobucket.com/user/Burpbelly/library/ unfortunately my camera is playing up; I'm not trying to hide damage with the flash. If anyone is interested I'm happy to provide better photos upon request.

Budda Budwah wah pedal

An excellent wah-wah, great sound and solid (really solid!) construction. Never been gigged, pretty much like-new. I'm only selling as I don't really use it and I feel sad everytime I look at it that I don't use it!

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

A really neat pedal: one switch, one knob, 5 minutes of loop time, unlimited overdubs. A truly excellent little looper, that will fit on any pedalboard. The fact that these flew out of stores when released speaks volumes and any review will show how great they are at simply looping. Never gigged, like new apart from velcro on bottom. Selling as I purchased the Ditto X2.

CoPilot FX Polypus Tremolo

A really interesting pedal. 6 different sorts of tremolo to select from and controls for volume, depth and ratio. Also features a tap tempo, but I never got along with that as well as just using the ratio knob. When combined with a delay can create some wonderfully weird sounds! Never gigged, like new, apart from velcro on bottom. Selling as I don't really use it.

Toadworks Mr Ed Distortion

"Brown sound" distortion. I never got the sound I wanted out of the pedal, but it did produce some useable sounds, just not what I was looking for. I bought it used. Been road worn with a number of small scratches and scuffs. Full working condition though, apart from a loose knob on the level (the pot works perfectly, but I don't have a correct sized allen key to secure the actual knob to the pot - an easy fix!). Toadworks have since been rebranded, and line discontinued, so don't know how many of these are still around.

Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay

First delay pedal I ever bought, and a bit of a box of tricks. Has settings for different delay lengths, reverse delay, slapback, tape, echo, lo-fi, and also a looper! Really useful pedal that does everything pretty well. The tap tempo can be a bit tricky to get used to as it relies upon long presses to activate and deactivate, but is still a useable feature (I put it in a loop so that I could use the tap tempo and still switch the delay on and off quickly). A few minor knocks and scratches, and rubber replaced with velcro on bottom, but full working order. Selling as I bought a Memory Boy.

Boss RC-20 Looper (inc. power supply)

PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT an RC-20XL, it is an original RC-20.

My first looper, really intuitive, can store a number of loops and be recalled via the central knob selector, or can be shifted through using an external footswitch. Has a drum machine, reverse effect, input for a microphone and instrument with separate level controls and tap tempo. All in all a really good set of features for a looper. A few minor scuffs (purely cosmetic). As mentioned previously I've since bought a Ditto and a Ditto X2, so I'm happy to see my RC-20 move on to another home.

Digitech Whammy IV (inc. power supply and original box)

A classic pedal. To quote Tom Morello it's for "making pterodactyl noises". There's not much more to describe. Mine has a few minor scuffs, and once again the feet have been replaced by velcro, but other than that is in full working order. I'm selling as I'm looking to pick up a POG2 as I found I didn't really use the expression feature of my whammy (apart from when trying to be Tom Morello).

If anyone wants any more info or to make an offer please feel free to PM me!

Hi there, very interested in a few of these, the whammy and boss rc-20. Don't suppose you live near or in London, could do a pick up?
My Gear: Yahama Pacifa, Takamine, Ibanez, Orange 15 watt,
Pedals wanted: E-Harm Voice Box (pm me if you want to sell yours!)