Hi fellas. I've got a Line 6 M13, but it played up in the past, has recently been repaired, sounds good and all.. but I want something different.
Main reason is probably Line 6's support was pathetic and I don't want anything from them anymore.

Can someone who's played or got both, tell me if it's worth selling or swapping my M13 for a Boss GT-100.
The GT-100's seem to basically have everything I'd want in them, but I really want to know if it's worth the hassle and whether the sounds it produces are as good as the M13 (which unfortunately, actually can produce some amazing sounds).

I understand the GT-100 has a steeper learning curve, but that's fine. I really want to know if it sounds as good as the M13 and if it's got as many tonal possibilities as the M13.
Also, I can't really tell from youtube - are the COSM sounds actually better than they were on the GT-10? It says they're updated.
Someone at a jam session I used to go to had a GT-10 and I wasn't all that impressed with some of the sounds, but maybe they didn't tweak them much/at all.
Well, the big question is, "do you need/want amp modelling?" The M13 doesn't have that.
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No, I don't need amp modelling. I know the M13 doesn't have it because I have an M13.

Are the GT-100's effects as good as the M13's? If they're on par, I'd love to ditch the M13 because I just hate having something from Line 6.