Hey UG! I am here today to present to you my band The Grove (from Montreal, QC, Canada), and our two original tracks that we've just released. How do we sound? Hmm..I like to think Zeppelin, meets RHCP, meets GN'R, and a whole other bunch of vibes thrown into the mix - but I wanna know what you think. All your feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated.

Track 1:

Track 2:

The songs are absolutely FREE to download and I invite you to do so, although if you feel you would like support the band then you can visit our BANDCAMP and donate any amount of money you feel is worth it!

Also, don't be shy to follow us on SOUNDCLOUD and give us a "Like" on FACEBOOK in order to stay up to date on news, shows, videos and more tunes!

(P.S. - I will be glad to c4c your original tracks )

Thank you!

Dude these are some seriously rocking tunes! I can't wait to hear more! I liked your page on Facebook and I'll spread your band to some of my buds around school and stooff! I'm sorry I have no way to buy the tracks but I hope publicity is a good payment? I'll buy an album if you ever release one on iTunes! Much love, keep rocking!
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American Psycho: intro kind of reminds me of Pantera, but in a more classic rock vibe, which is cool; the vocals surprised me in a good way, they're really good and the effects on them fit well.
Catchy chorus, it sounded a lot like good ol' GNR. I can also feel some Led Zep as you said.
The guitar tone on the solo is just amazing (which again caught me in surprise as I thought there wouldn't be at this point of the song).
Just liked you on FB, hope you guys have great success, you deserve it!

Also, C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1643890

Very varied songwriting! Let me tell you, that's like a godsend in your genre. I normally avoid classic-flavoured rock like the plague, simply because I've gotten so damn bored of the same old, same old...

Plus the funky vibes are definitely helping

Awesome stuff. Get more music out there. Now!
"Broken Down": sounds really good! The intro sounds like RHCP. The vocals remind me of the Black Crowes. I would have panned the background vocals a bit more towards the center, but that's just me. Some of the high frequencies are a bit harsh on my sensitive ears during the louder parts of the songs, but otherwise the audio quality is good for me. Very good song & everyone is singing & playing very well! Please review my music at this link: