Hey guys. I just graduated college (class of 2014 woo!). To keep my writing up, and to learn to build websites, I've started a blog called Under the Rock to write about underrated bands I think aren't getting enough attention stateside. I'd really appreciate any feedback or suggestions you guys could give me about who to write about or about the function of the site, since this is my first blog. Let me know what you think!
Pick bands that are actually obscure. Everyone's heard of Black Stone Cherry. Get on bandcamp and find some bands that are starting out, email them (or message them via facebook) about doing a review, and then write a review. There you go.
Yeah, Black Stone Cherry I did because they had a huge impact on my life and I found them when they were actually obscure. It was just for a training exercise to build the site. I've been building a following on Twitter and I'm doing a few local Atlanta bands and an Italian metal band in the coming weeks.
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Hey ts you should plug Barrows. they just put out their second album called Red Giant and it's amazing, 4real. Also, nobody knows about them and people need to hear that record cuz it's bangin yo
Don't ever say something like "Did I also mention that they’re great, humble, down-to-earth guys?", cause anyone looking for new music won't care. Unless you want your site also be a dating or meet up site.
I prefer "on the rocks"

Hey you should totally check out For The Record. They just put out an EP in April called "Third Time's The Charm" and from what I've heard it's pretty awesome. It's up on iTunes and even Spotify!

This is definitely not a shameless plug.

ALSO, SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/ftr559
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Lol. Damn, you caught me. Thanks for the feedback though guys, I'll look into Barrows, they've definitely got less exposure than BSC. Any others worth looking into?

Into it. Over it. is pretty well known among their scene but i feel like they could be appreciated by a fairly wide audience.
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LOL. When I was making it that image actually came into my head. A review is up for a band I'm pretty sure none of you have heard of. The new The Hallowed Cathsrsis EP "The Uncanny Valley" right here: http://undertherock.org/the-hallowed-catharsis-the-uncanny-valley-ep-review/

Let me know what you think of them or of my writing.