I recently taught myself how to crudely master tracks. When I listen to the mastered songs on my laptop or stream them on bandcamp everything sounds fine, but on my 3rd gen iPod Nano one of the tracks sounds distorted at times (almost as if it was clipping). Also, in case this is relevant information, the ear buds that I use with my iPod aren't very good and when I listen to music on my iPod I have one of the EQ presets turned on.

I still have a lot to learn as far as producing music goes so I was hoping some of the more experienced users here could help point me in the right direction. Is it likely that I screwed up at some point during the mastering process? Or maybe it's an issue with my iPod or my crappy ear buds?
Lower the gain by half a db, you may be incurring in inter-sample clipping.
But it may be caused by a lot of factors you know, like the headphones' cable...
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