https://soundcloud.com/cityofangelsnz/teenage-dream-katy-perry-cover">Teenage Dream cover

Can I please have feedback on a) the mix and b) the vocals.
Recorded in Cubase using a metric shit-ton of vsts. Personally, I'm aware the vocals clip audibly 3 times, the mix is maybe a little muddy and the kit needs a lot of tightening up, though I know not how.
re: the vocals - I'm getting real tired of looking for people to sing for men and so I'm currently testing the waters, as it were. Is it passable? There are 3 tracks - choruses, harmonies, and everything else, and for the sake of this, it's best of 3 takes per track.
The daft amount of gravel in my mid/high register is not put on, that's what my voice does. I'm aware that it gets a little flat, but as I said, 3 takes and dry other than compression and some reverb.
Any feedback welcome.
There is a thread for mix crit, or you could post in the Recording Chat thread if you just want quick feedback.

As for singing crit, this is not really the best forum.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.