I have been playing guitar for few years off and on but its only in the past few months that I started playing daily. I'm trying to learn how to play good riffs, not other bands stuff but my own. I'm playing in drop d half step down.I can write stuff well boring stuff on the low string using bar chords but I really cant get anything else to sound decent. I have a poster that is a chord chart and I have tried some of those on different places on the fret board but nothing sounds just right.I have tried power chords on the high strings but that doesn't sound quite right either. I prefer rock, slow chug kind of stuff but I'm having trouble getting where I need to go and I'm a bit frustrated
Do you know anything about theory? It would help with creating progressions that sound "right".
If i were you I'd start learning theory and also get rid of the Drop D half step down? To me that tuning just seems rather dull, particularly for chord structure, which you'd be looking for if you're learning music theory, and for initially writing music. I'd stick to a variation of standard personally, whether it be D standard, C# standard or whatever. Drop D half step down just seems too chug chug metal, and not a good place to start out if you really want to write and understand music properly. I'm not saying you need to learn theory to write good music, because you don't.. but it can only benefit you by learning it.

Correct me if I'm wrong but is Drop D half step down this - Db-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-eb?

And you say you used a chord chart, well that's not really of much use if you don't understand the chords, which you said you don't know theory, so therefore you wouldn't understand those chords.

Theory aside, a good way to write your own stuff is sing what you hear in your head and record yourself singing it. Then try and transcribe that recording on to your guitar. It sounds crazy but when you're singing you have nothing to restrict you. You can't play what you want immediately on the guitar because you aren't experienced or knowledgeable enough to do so, and you probably wont be for a very very long time. When you're singing you have nothing restricting your creativity at all. Some of the coolest shit i ever come up with a is when I'm in the shower just singing along using my mouth as the guitar.
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Yeah, don't knock the dropped tunings. Standard is boring, thats what all the grandpa's guitars are tuned to.
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chug chug metal is exactly what im going for

Theory is definitely important for any musician. As talented as they were, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, all those old masters learned theory too. What kind of style are you going for? If you can give me an example of the kind of bands you're into, I can suggest different things to you.