After playing with Carvins online builder for a few months I finally ordered one. I have had this for a couple months now but was waiting for pickups before i posted a ngd thread here. I am very happy with the results having seen the top they used there's a few things i might have changed in the build but I cant blame Carvin for that, they did what i asked for and did it extremely well.

I love the feel of this guitar the tong oil neck feels great and has very good access to the lower frets. the line between the tong oil and gloss finish feels a little sharp but that's one of very few faults in this guitar. other then that the pickup switch feels a little loose and I will likely replace it at some point. Its also a very heavy guitar around 10 lbs but I like my guitars to have some weight to them.

The c22 humbuckers were better then I expected I found they worked very well with some amps. I know alot of people don't like Carvin pickups but I recommend giving them a chance before you replace them. I was just looking for a little bit of a different sound so I did end up replacing them.

The bkp blackdogs are described as a vintage paf with a little extra growl in the mids on the bkp website and that sounds like a good description. The handle high gain better then most pickups and the active passive circuit in the Carvin helps keep them together even better with ridiculous amounts of gain. they are the first pickups I have ever heard that get a believable strat tone when coil split. but where they really shine is on a clean channel. overall they make this guitar that has so many built in switches one of the most versatile guitars you could ever want.

Overall this is one of the best guitars I have every played and I defenitly see more carvins in my future.

walnut body
claro walnut top
5 piece maple neck 2 walnut strips tong oil finsh
ebony fretboard
14 in neck radius
abalone block inlays
abalone inlayed logo
tune-o-matic bridge strings through body
jumbo stainless steel frets
coil split and phase switch mini switches
active passive push pull knob
c22 humbucker pickups replaced with bkp blackdog pickups

Control cavity before replacing pickups, I was very impressed with how they sheild it and have brass inserts for all the screws.

Unfinished pic from carvins facebook
Nice axe man! Carvins are awesome.
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wow that looks awesome
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Now that's a lot of switches and knobs. HNGD!
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Now that's a lot of switches and knobs. HNGD!

Pretty standard Carvin fare; If it's the active module I have, there's a Master Volume, a Master Treble, Master Bass and a Blend knob. On an LP, this would be 2V, 2T. On my guitar, the active master treble and bass knobs in the detented "5" position are at about the same level as a fully dimed tone knob would be. Above "5" (when active) the controls boost by up to 15 dB. Below, it's an active cut of 15 dB. MUCH more range than you get with passive treble rolloff controls (what we call "tone" knobs).

Two of the mini-switches are coil taps for each of the humbuckers, and the third is a phase switch. In the out of phase position, you get a generally nasally high mids sound, but you can use the Blend knob to move the sound back and forth between full neck pickup and full bridge, and that changes lots.
On ka and walnut-based guitars I prefer the sunsetburst (sort of a deep brownish-red) edgeburst to the black burst. Personal preference only, but it seems to make the wood pop a lot visually.
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But would Hank Marvin play a Carvin?
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HNGD! That's a nice looking guitar.
Gear pics

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But would Hank Marvin play a Carvin?

Of course he would.
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