Hello everyone.

To give a bit of background info, I bought a black guitar strap from Italia straps in February. When it came, I found that the die came off on my shirt- when I wasn't sweating at all. I waited a bit and posted on here about what to do, but nothing I could do would stop it. I contacted the company and they sent me a brown strap free of charge. However, it came with the same problem. I bought some stuff to finish dyed leather, and to keep the dye in, but it still would rub off on my shirt. I have left numerous voicemails and emails over the last month, but they still haven't contacted me back. So I'm stuck with two useless guitar straps, and $60 out of my wallet.

So never buy from Italia Straps.

Peavey Classic 30
PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow
+some pedals