hai, i wonder how to get accuracy for my playing.. is always miss.. this a habbit or what? i oftenly make this mistake, i have try it over and over again.. the result is alwasy miss.. wrong note, wrong finggering wrong frett.. can anyone give me sugeetion for my problem? this is the result for uncount trying to get the song right.. just see for your self Wrong Play
Try slowing down. Do it slow and perfect to start and then speed up. Concentrate on the passages that you find are the most difficult in the song you are learning.
ghobby is right. Just like learning anything else. Start doing things slowly enough to do "right". Get the mind-muscle-memory thing down, and then gradually increase speed while retaining accuracy.
Scales are unsurpassed for this sort of work, boring though they may be. Play scale figures all over the neck, again slowly and as perfectly as possible.
Then, try jumping from say, a major scale in the first position (starting at a first fret) and jumping to one mid-neck.... 12 fret.... Like that.
Also, an exercise I found useful was wide interval skips. Play a note at say, the 5th fret with the index finger and then skip to the 12th fret and play that note with the pinky.
You can construct your own exercises like this.