inop was created in February 2011 and is the top rewards site that offers instant gift cards to its members. Over 100 different options are available (example of a few -> Amazon, eBay, League of Legends, Pizza Hut, Target, Walmart) that you can redeem your points for. Tons of easy offers available with new ones added daily. There are daily, weekly, and monthy offer and referral contests as well.

Basically I earn points doing tasks and surveys . The link is above. Once I have enough points I'll cash them out for amazon gift cards or cards for almost anywhere else. Usually I go for Amazon cards then buy strings,tuners,cables or whatever I want ! Enjoy . This is legit
ur wot
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Or I can get them for free doing small tasks online ? I mean most of us are online for long periods sometimes. Might as well earn free stuff . Or save up and buy pedals which u can do too
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A bot * auto correct . Read it all . I legit use this to buy cables and stuff
omg it's an adbot with a conscious!
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The oldest of the bots.

If we kill it will we destroy the adbot armies?
A poem.
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A legit user getting phished?

There's no way someone would create a bot that made an account on a forum then waited ten years to activate.

He's like a Soviet sleeper agent man. Someone must have said his activation phrase. They're out there man... I bet the pit's full of them, hiding amongst us, waiting...
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A legit user getting phished?

There's no way someone would create a bot that made an account on a forum then waited ten years to activate.

If Kenyan, muslim socialists can concoct a plan to make a newborn baby the president of the USA 4 decades later, surely this is possible?
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In honor of my 2004 comrad I did some googling.

Found a reddit dedicated to it

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WOW! What kind of virus do I get with it? I sure hope it's adware that gives me 17 toolbars and steals my credit card information! Maybe it'll start spamming my inbox with porn products from dodgy looking websites! Or perhaps it'll just send a man with a needle straight to my door and give me HIV! This sounds like a great website!
"The M-Go trial requires a credit card, but you will not be charged."

Okay, that sounds fine. I'm sure it's not dodgy.
I don't mind adbots if they contribute 19 original tabs to this website first

Keep 'em coming spamdroid!

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Well I have a job, so I can either spend $10 of money that took me 40 minutes to earn, or I could take stupid surveys for 5 hours. Hmmm... this is a tough one.
yeah and that link just happens to be a referral one huh.

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