Guize, help meh!

As the title suggests, I'm looking for a low-wattage power amp to plug a Sansamp RPM into at home. I'll be using an 8-ohm 115 cabinet, so I'm looking at the power outputs for that impedence, obviously.

I'm currently weighing up between:



Anyone have any experience with the Thomann own-brand power amps? Any other suggestions you guys can throw at me? These two seem to be the lowest wattage units I can find (around 40-45W @ 8-ohms), so I guess I'd be looking around that wattage.

None of them amps sound really good.
If you really want something small and cheap get a lepai 2020a+

If you want something decent instead get a Carvin ts100 or a yamaha p2500s.

Why would you want so small amps anyway?
'cause if it's 'cause you think you don't need them big, get a big one.
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