Far Better Day:

Love how busy the background instruments are during the intro.

I like the synth starting at 1:43, but I'd try cutting a little of the treble from it.

Your drums for this fit well.

I like the structure, only using vocals for a couple parts fits the song well, gives a lot of room for your instruments.

Overall, I really liked this. =)
Worth your bother

Nice bass sound! Nice and lush guitar work. The drum samples are nice, but could perhaps use some more dynamics. I know these processed vocals are a bit of a signature-thing for you, but I would love to hear this one with much more dry vocals. I think it could work nicely. They are a bit too drowned out as is.

Nice production value as well.

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1644359
Thanks for the critique man.
Listened to your two songs and it's pretty cool. Very spacey, reminds me of a few local bands around here (London), for example The GaGa's.

Could totally see that causing a stir here.
Like Worth Your Bother, good arrangement and the guitar line is quite interesting and meshes well with the rest of the track.

Vocals aren't really to my taste, and could use a little less delay but thats just me.

Overall good vibe from the song
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Won't comment in Far Better Day, because it's not the kind of music I'm used to listen to.

For Worth Your Bother:
The delay and reverb in the vocals really brought something more to the song, I think drying it out would really make the song sound dead.
Nice bass and drum intro, even though I didn't like the drum kick sound, but that's just me. That delay in the lead guitar really worked.

Only complain is that I think the synth is a little bit low in the mix, it stands out nicely when alone (obviously ) but when all the instruments are in it kinda disappears. But that's me, if you don't want it to stand out more you don't need to, it's working fine the way it is.
aaron aardvark -

"Far Better Day"

This isnt really my sort of stuff - but heres what I thought. The sound is full and rich. It sounds professional for the most part. The only bit that let it down a little was the vocal - it seemed to leap out of the mix a little too much for me. I currently suck at vocal production so I'm afraid I cant offer any solution as to how to make it better (sorry).

"Worth Your Bother"

Again the vocal jumps out a little too much for me but I do think the reverb/delay works well for it. I think the bass guitar sound could do with being a little heavier on the low end - theres something slightly flatulent about it's sound. Other than that, it is another rich, full sound that sounds well recorded and produced.

I hope that is in some way helpful.

cow bell. im not joking. cowbell samples in either of your tracks, or tamberine would liven shit up.very cool songs
Far better day: Intro beat is sweet! Love the effect on the drums. When the synth kicks in it gives it a nice atmosphere. Sounds like you're adding more guitar into your music than be4, maybe it's just me, but i like it!!! That synth lead somewhere around 45 seconds in is awesome. I think your vocals may be a bit too loud for the mix. BUT they add to the atmosphere and sound pretty great. I think your composition skills are improving a lot (They were already great, so just wow!) Loved this song man!!

Worth your bother: Love the bass. Dont like the kick drum sound. Again, digging the increase in guitar!!!! Playing was very in the pocket, pretty awesome. Your tone was perfect for this, nice and atmospheric. Overall, loved that tone. For rhythms, it maybe be a bit bassy though. I think you nailed the vocals in this. These might be some of the best fitting vocals/lyrics you've ever written for one of your songs (and ive heard tons of them!!!) Do you ever perform live anymore man? I know awhile back you told me you did back in the 80s. Id love to see some music like this done live. I think you could make a pretty good impression on a lot of people. What i like about it is it's different, it's not like what everyone else does. You definitely have your own style, keep it up man!!!!!!!
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Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it! Yes, I played in several bands in the 80's, always playing synths; I only sang some occasional back-up vocals. I've played a few songs, on a few occasions at church (well over 10 years ago): the songs were usually original, except I played some made up guitar parts played on top of a Cure song on tape once. Several years ago, I played only electric bass in an all original band (not my songs), but that fizzled out after 3 practices, and no gigs. It can be a lot of fun playing in a band when things are going well. I've had lots of trouble with people flaking out over the years (in bands). And in my experience, it is usually not easy playing originals in front of an audience (they usually want to hear something they recognize). I can't sing & play at the same time unless I'm playing something super simple. I have virtually no experience singing lead vocals in front of an audience. Several years ago, I played some cover tunes with a guitar player (that I played in a few bands with in the 80's), while I played electric bass (I did not sing, the other guy did); I had synths & "drums" playing using a sequencer. We just played at his house a few times, then he lost interest. Several years ago off & on (usually years between get togethers): I've played sometimes guitar, sometimes bass, sometimes synths, playing usually cover tunes in someone's studio (was a converted garage) with other various people; never played gigs. Over 20 years ago I played synths in a complete cover band that lasted a few practices, no gigs, then fizzled out. I do really appreciate your positive words though awesomo41894!
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Far better day - I really like the synth textures in the introduction and like how chilled the beat is, the vocals are a bit processed for my liking but the melody fits the song well

Worth your bother - the guitar part for this fits the song really well, wasn't too sure at first on the bass tone but it works well in the mix later on. Again I'd personally prefer less effects on the vocals but it's a fairly unique sound (to me anyway) and definitely gets the listeners attention

Thanks for reviewing my track as well
Far Better Day: I like how everything starts coming together, the electronic feel sits well with everything and interesting choice of tone and texture. Vocals are a little strange but strange is good. I can honestly say Ive never heard anything that sounds like this. I'm also really digging that synth solo!