Hey y'all,

I recently picked up an old double-pickup Kay archtop on the cheap. The neck pickup sounds pretty good (if a little dark) and growls nicely, but the bridge pickup is low-output and is kind of a dud. Both of the pickups are of the "zippo" kind, and they look like the picture in the attachments.

I'm thinking of replacing the bridge pickup, but I don't know what other kind of pickup will fit. It's about 85mm from screw to screw, and I don't believe the pickups are in cavities of any kind, but rather they're screwed into the body, and the wires go under the pickguard and into the f-hole.

What kind of pickup would fit? Any ideas?


EDIT: I've just learned that these are also known (and perhaps better known) as "pancake pickups"
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You could try to look for "Surface mount" pickups. Some may require a couple more holes to be drilled. But that won't affect sound at all.
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Those old De Armond "pancake" pickups have quite a following. You see the pickups and sometimes whole wired-up pickguard assemblies come up for sale on E-Bay and other sites fairly often, so that would be one possibility. Beyond that, I do not know of anyone making pickups to those size dimensions. You might take a look at what TV Jones Pickups has to offer. They seem to gravitate toward the older, quirky types like the De Armond.
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TV jones is your best bet for replacing De Armond pickups.

I would be interested in buying your bridge pickup off you. Shoot me an email at rockmonkeyguitars@gmail.com if you are interested in selling it. Let me know how much you want and hopefully I can afford it. Or I could do a swap for something from my website but one of my pickups will not fit in the same slot as your bridge pickup.
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