So I'm new to the whole playing guitar while singing thing. And was wondering if I could get some feedback on whether I should continue singing. I've been singing for 2 years and have gotten mixed feelings with everyone who's heard me. Some people tell me I sound amazing, while (fewer) others say I shouldn't be singing. So I figured I'd come here before deciding whether I should give it up and focus on guitar again. Here's a video of me doing a cover of Swing Life Away by Rise Against. http://youtu.be/6kUDXK_t7c8 (Link works, you just gotta copy and past, sorry) Thank you all for the feedback, and have a wonderful day.
Your pitch is good, but you should work on your projection. There are a lot of youtube tutorials that can help you sing better and louder. Sing from your diaphragm and open youth mouth wide. Your guitar playing is fine, but when you start singing you lose your timing quite a lot. You just need more practice and some (free) instruction.
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You are good at singing! You just need to be confident, lift your head and project your voice a bit more.
Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I'll definitely work on my projection and timing... I was recently introduced to an annoying best friend... The Metronome. So I'll practice with it for a few weeks and post another video. Probably the same song so to kind of compare the two. Thanks agian for the tips and encouragement.
Lol, replying to myself. It's been SO long since I've been on here. Going back and listening to the song, I've gotten so much better. I'm gonna be getting more active on these forums, participate a lot more.