Hi! I'm a guitarist/composer who's learning to sing and this is a little thing I composed for my alternative metal band. According to my (music) college's bel canto teachers, I'm a bass; but in more contemporary terms I think I'm more of a bass/baritone (my F2 and G2 are quite strong, I'm 24). This is a quite fresh idea and I still want to shape some vowels differently and try other voice placements. I recorded this with a VERY cheap mic at home.

Well, I just wanted to have some feedback on my singing, which I know that needs to keep improving.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/jp50/you-beta-estribo-nueva/s-rYz7M

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All good now! You said you just started singing? I mean, you can hear the inexperience, but you have a very solid foundation to build on! You have a strong voice which makes your lower notes sound tonally high. I think the melody is a bit generic, but definitely not weak, and - again - is a solid foundation for future development.

Good luck with the song!