$750 is a decent price, but I'd make sure to play it first. Gibson made some iffy stuff in the time period, but there are some gems.

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no breaks or repairs but the one pic looks like a repaired headstock.

check it out but i'd be cautious.
The case alone is worth over $100. Greg I think the light may be creating the look of a broken finish on the headstock but I can't tell either.
Moving on.....
it almost looks sanded but yeah, it's probably just the lighting.

like i said, i'd check it out but it's not a crazy buy me now price. it's fair.

edit: yeah the explorer skb adds to it a bit, so there's that on top of it.
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Just be sure to play it first. If it checks out with you, $750 is a good price for a used Explorer. Throwing in the SKB case is pretty awesome too!
If you take a look at the first image of the backside of the headstock, there is what appears to be significant swirling as if someone sanded it (potential headstock fix). Best idea is to check it out, and feel free to walk away from it.
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Considering the Epiphone Explorer costs around $500, I'd say you're getting a decent price, assuming everything works.

I paid $250 for my Epi Explorer (dude bought it so he could learn to play, but never did. So, it sat in a case in his closet for a while, never touched) and I still play it, to this day. Great guitars...as long as you install strap locks. Lol.