Wall of text edition:

In my childhood I was forced to focus on jobs which included electronics by my father as it was his dream when he was a child, but I quickly lost interest in it. As my father pushed me to became a mere "electronic repairman", most of my skills became useless because SMD (SMD is still repairable, but I don't have any proper equipment for it).

Later computers came. I learned some programming, but because it was a "nerdy stuff", people didn't like my obsession with it. Later I went to college to learn computer science, but because I left programming for a while, so I'm not very good at it. I hate the math side of the stuff, I hate Linux with a passion, and there's some stuff which only taught in my school by a very bad teacher (called "problem solving and algorythms"). And as I chose software development I'm forced to do that stuff even if I'm not too good at it and I lost my interest in it (I just lost the will to write simple programs for my own amazement). This is also the job where I may have the biggest chance to get rich.

As the whole programming stuff came from my interest in video games I wanted to do everything by myself. So the music. I got a cheap classical guitar and practiced on it for long time. Later I got a better one and an electric guitar. Finally I got a hobby that nobody had serious problems, and it was much more social. Or I thought, because I never found people with similar musical taste (I was mostly into progressive music, alrought I went into some heavier stuffs lately), and people were into much simpler stuff around me (once I even got invited into a group which featured racist lyrics). The biggest problem is I have little or no time for it (I would have to practice it more than 2 hours a day) because of my little brother, alrought I plan to move back to my mother's place.

Nowadays I dag myself into drawing and writing to became a comic book artist. I discovered that video games are not necessarly the best storytelling format (or it was just hard to do everything by myself), first I went to writing short stories, after the difficulties of describing fight scenes I slowly switched to a more graphical medium. The problem is that I'm much more begineer than in any other fields while maybe this is the most enjoyable thing for me, also doesn't generate any sound unlike the guitar so I can safely do it while my brother sleeps.

However I have two big problems.
Firstly I have little to no financial support. I'm bought most of my equipment from my own money, or from my future money as I have to take student loans for stuffs like being able to go to college. I still has an old Ibanez GRX with replaced pickups (and worn frets), I have to upgrade my computer soon, I'm drawing on an old computer case's side panel by fixing the paper on it with an old pickup. My father cut most of my financial supporting because he wanted to buy a second car, the old one is now rots under the sky. Also he and my stepmother really like to tell everybody how little money I recieve I'm still learning because of their superiority complex.
Secondly I think I have to focus on one thing instead of doing multiple things. Programming may take up a lot of time from my life, not leaving enought for other activities. Currently I'm not good enought in any of my artistic stuff to make a living from them. I might have a chance to get some job related to my future college degree as I failed to get it in time (thanks to frequent breakdowns, waste of time on travelling, and lack of battery for my notebook thanks to my father, so learning during travelling didn't work (also I have only a few books because the lack of money)).

Sorry for the possible grammatical errors.

TL;DR edition: I'm a 23 yo loser, who failed to finish college on time, and still depending on his parents. Should I leave college before time as I lost my interest in that field and follow my dreams (either becoming an artist or a musician) even without any job, wait a little longer, or what?
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Stick in with the programming.
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1. get a part time job to fund yourself
2. either finish the course, or see if you can move courses to something you will enjoy. If its an IT field you might be able to use credits/points you've earned already so you don't have to start from scratch
3. making money from music/art is pretty much impossible, any decent amount of money to live on that is. If you're really set on art then do a graphic design course, and then you could look at getting a job in that.
4. dont force yourself to do something you hate. from the sounds of it you let other people push you into the situation your in now, and asking strangers for help and doing what they say won't get you out of it. Make your own decisions in life, its your life, do what you want to do
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Should I leave college before time as I lost my interest in that field and follow my dreams (either becoming an artist or a musician) even without any job, wait a little longer, or what?
You'll still have to pay bills and feed at least yourself.
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I do not recommend dropping out of college. As long as it doesn't put you debt, finish the programming degree. Yes it takes up a lot of time right now but so did my degree when I was going to school and working part time.

Trust me, even at 25, once you have a stable job you will have time AND the ability to keep learning things on your own. Unless you get married and start having kids though.
I cant tell you what to choose but I must tell you that you have to choose, soon. You shouldnt waste anymore time. Things get better once you start doing things.
How does a parent force their child to do anythin?
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

is it just me or does this exact same thread pop up almost every day?

Stay in school bud, it doesn't mean you can't pursue your dreams
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