hey guys i have a schecter hellraiser with a floyd rose ****ing pain in the ass!!
i need your help so i adjusted the action and messed around with the whammy the spring came lose i heard a lose snap sound i tried to tighten the screw but it seem to not want to stay in the tremelo screw would it cost alot of money to fix this problem??
Get some toothpicks, stick them in the screw hole until you've jammed it full, then put the screw back in. FYI it's "loose", not "lose".
Ok. What screw, what spring has come loose?

Calm down.

Photos if possible. It could be what ^ said, but if it's one of the string saddles it's even easier.
Ok, then fly 135 is completely correct. Get a couple of matchsticks, put them in the hole and then screw the screw in the hole after them. Slowly. Do not over tighten again, as it will be even harder to salvage after.
I find it best to dip the matches in PVA glue before jamming them in the hole. Allow a few hours to set and then screw the screw in.
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