Okay, let me start. I'm looking for guitar kits and sound gear. (I know, kit's can go wrong fast, and an error could mean trashing the guitar) The guitar's I'm looking for are; Les Paul, SG/Viper, and the Ibanez AR body style. I found an LP I would like to try, though I need some specific information on different aspects of the build/finish) Links will be provided before details.

LP Guitar (Epiphone Copy):

As stated, it's an Epiphone copy with a flame maple top. I absolutely LOVE this guitar. I am split on colors, the 3 that I would prefer are; sapphire blue w/ cream accessories, wine red /w cream/white accessories, or burnt orange (Texas Longhorn's color) w/ cream/white accessories. I love the binding, even more that it's multibind and another being the Epi 'Open book' headstock.

SG/Viper Style:


I have found a '7 string' Viper DIY kit, but it lacks the pots I want. I like the staggered cutaway horn look, but I don't want to lose the other 2 knobs. (Like your standard LP style) But I am having issues finding the same body style, with the 4 pot (2V/2T) set I want. I don't want to have to mod the settings when I switch pups. I like the staggered cutouts, but do not count out a standard SG body style.

AR Style:


While it doesn't quite have the 'sharp' horns that the AR, does. It's the same body style. (Similar to an over sized SG) I like the body style, and the setup of the guitar. I like the neck and headstock. Again, still unsure of the hardware, but an 'upgrade' is completely possible. I just need this one to work, until I can get the finances to upgrade. I am in love with the body style. There's not much else that I can pick on. I like the guitar, and would build it to suit my sound.

But I'm questioning the quality of the hardware. I have been trying to get some recommendations on hardware. (i.e. tuners, pups, pots, knobs, switch, and bridge) I have tried to get some info on them, but luck hasn't been on my side. I have learned that I may want a lower rated pot (for the volumes), I have learned that the lower rating keeps higher end of your tone. I currently own a Conrad, with unknown pups with 500k pots, and it dies at (about) 7. Volume, depth, and mass, of the sound just gets destroyed. But I would like for my volume pots to react accurately. (Voice/Tone of the sound fade by, more than, half when you hit 6 on the knob. As well as volume is totally gone by 4)

I have demo'd Gibson's, Fender's, Epi's, B.C.'s, and Peavy's, and the volume pots have responded really well, without sacrificing your tonal values. I understand that there are many factors involved, but I had demo'd them with 'basic' and 'stock standard' setups, (amp, effect, and cables) and had removed as many variables, as I could. Still had them react better, but I didn't know the values, and I couldn't know until they had looked up the particular guitar/model/year, of the guitar I was inquiring about.
So I need to know;

a.Pots, what rating would I need for better high end sound, and still exceptional control of your volume levels. (Without having to tweak your 'Master Volume' on the amp)

b. What pickups should I be looking for. I'm looking for cream bobbins, and I do not care if the pole pieces can be raised/lowered. Really looking for sound. I play; post-hardcore, rock, heavy rock, alternative, pop, punk, metal, and instrumental. I lean toward a higher range hum, with good distortion/crunch on the bridge, but a nice, sharp, bright, clean for the neck.

c. The switch, I know nothing about them. Though I've heard that they are, partially, responsible for 'fuzz' and 'flashes' when you switch. I'm looking for one that will be quiet.

d. Output jack, does anyone know one that will perform well? I had, both, an Epi LP Special II, and a Washburn X-Series Pro, that had issues with the jack. First was that they had issues holding the cable in, and also had connection issues, in that the cables had to be 'jiggled' occasionally to get it to connect.

e. Tuners, details posting says they are 'Grover style', not necessarily meaning they're exacts, mocks, reps, or low end productions. I learned Grovers are good, but the ones I've found swing a bit far on my price range. I do not know any specifics, in terms of 'locking', 'nonlocking', and 'string trim' tuners. I just don't want any slippage, or breakage. I am looking for one that's smooth, quick to react, and offers better rating for holding tune.

f. Bridge/Tailpiece is questionable, I've had a rather neutral experience with them. But have found that the bridges with 'wedge' shaped saddles, seem to break more on higher tunings. I've found 'rolling' bridges that are said to help with the breaking on the bridge, but do not know for certain. I have also heard that a rolling nut is another viable option to help with breaking. I do not know one way, or the other.

g. Nut, like the aforementioned paragraph, I have heard that a 'rolling' nut, will help with breakage, but don't know if it would compound with the bridge. If I have one, I don't see why I'd get the other, as well. On that, is price, and the 'plot' I have available FOR the nut. I've had a bone, synthetic, and graphite, nuts on my previously owned guitars. On my Conrad, I have a 'bone' nut. It does well, though to help with string settle, I do have to rub the slots with graphite. I do not know if it would be justifiable, replacing the set nuts, with a rolling nut. I need to know, if I should get one, even if I plan on getting a 'rolling' bridge.

h. Knobs, while I know that they don't do anything for your sound, or any other factors. But I have had a split review, saying 'plastic' knobs were a waste, that 'metal' ones were, 'where its at'. I want to get cream 'speed', or 'top hat' styles. I like the 'top hat' style with a 'chrome' cap. But I have NEVER seen any metal ones. I'm not that picky, but I don't want it being a problem, ever. (Even if there's an an infinitesimal likelihood of it happening) There WERE plastic top hats on my Conrad, that had aged, and became EXTREMELY brittle. In that, when I had to take them off to mod the knob heads, and they shattered. I just need to know which ones are the best value.

I know it's a long list, but it hits EVERY aspect I need to know about. The only other thing that I can think, is some opinion based on the information given, on whether or not the kits are actually, 'good'. (i.e. good wood for body, neck, fretboard. A good ability to upgrade, or 'refit' the guitar) Other than that, I thank you for your time, and consideration.

Please offer me some wisdom, as I lack knowledge in the 'details' of guitars.
Appologies, again, for the initial post size. But I didn't want to drag it out, into multiple posts. I just talked to my guitar tech, and he blasted the kits, like they were straight from hell. He's worried about 'resale' value, and doesn't have the mindset of, 'I'm doing it, for the thought/sentiment of building one, myself' and he is set on it being a 'poor choice'. I still like the idea of a kit and will, more than likely, will get one, for future endeavors. I don't think it would be a bad idea, but he HAS offered the idea of me purchasing a 'prefinished' guitar. As he raged on the effort and the price of 'necessary equipment', and drastically overestimated the cost and effort I would have to impart, to 'properly' finish the guitar.

His standpoint is to make it look, 'professionally' done, and is dead set on a kit not having brand name and thus wouldn't have, resale value. A kit would not be something I would sell, by option. If I put the work, in it, I wouldn't want to get rid of it.

So the question now goes to, 'is a kit worth it, in relation to the price of a prefinished guitar?' I tried looking it up, but the prices vary, so drastically, from location to location. So I can't get an accurate idea on it, plus there is the value of 'sentiment' of putting the guitar together.

Just by opinion, is the 'kit' still reasonable?
As I have been searching for guitars, I have come across the 'Xaviere' brand, which has everything I want, and also has a pretty damn good rating. All the reviews I can find for it, speak of it as an 'incredible guitar, for the price'. I like them, found the site, 'guitarfetish.com', and have fallen in love with that particular website. When I talked with my tech, he recommended some 'GFS pickups' as being particularly cheap, yet still having a good quality. I have been looking at the website, and what they offer, and have taken a strong liking to the pedals, by GFS as well. I have checked their ratings/reviews, and they both hail the equipment as being 'top notch'. I am looking to purchase the related items, in the near future.

I will post my list of hardware, and my reasons for choosing them. Since the guitar I wanted, is out of stock, I enrolled in the bulletin to inform me, when more come it. I am really hopeful about what I have found there. I love everything I've come across, and even more, I love the price. I'm struck speechless. I do so love the internet.