In an earlier thread we were able to short list some of the best guitars under the 500$ mark that matched my preferences, I'm a little confused about which one to get between them.

  • The Jackson JS32T KING V
  • ESP/LTD V-50

They are pretty much the only V's in my price range which I can get, as I also have to get these shipped from a foreign country, most of my money is being used in the shipping process.

If both are compared, which one do you guys prefer ?

I need something that will last me some good years, and also durable for gigging, good sound, good tone, good distortion. I like that classic thrash metal sound as well as the high gain stuff. I can change pick-ups later.

Please begin :P
Do you own that Ibanez listed in your sig? That is a better guitar than the two you're looking at. Also, I think you should buy used with your budget (but I guess that's not possible, right?).
I would buy used if I could, but this international shipping is a real problem.
I do own the RG still, It was my first guitar, I bought it 4 years ago.
I would try both them out to be honest. Jackson and LTD both make some pretty good guitars at budget prices but for some reason, I never liked the feel of Jackson necks. So yeah, whichever one you prefer.