After using KeyFinder on the "chaos part" (where all the tracks of Chaospere are played at once) of "Elastic" by Meshuggah, it told me said part is in G#/A-flat Minor. Now I'm interested in the key but I soon discovered not many songs are in G#/A-flat Minor. Do you know any good songs in that key (I wish to learn more about this key through learning songs in it)? The only one I know is "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga (don't care to learn that) and if that song's good is highly debatable (not getting into that). I want something that will improve my guitar playing and teach me about this key. Got any suggestions?

Edit: I'm not at the level to learn any Meshuggah songs for at least a couple years (too difficult and I'm hardly an intermediate player). I have looked up on songs in this key but only got dead ends.
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There's some Jazz in the key of Ab minor.

I think Bb minor or Eb minor or Bb majo or Eb major are more common keys though.
I can't think of any offhand, but a fair few rock guys (especially the 80s hard rock/metal guys) play in Eb tuning. And the key of A is used a fair bit on guitar rock songs (since it's fairly easy to play on guitar). So I'm guessing some of those types of guys would likely have the odd song in A flat minor.

EDIT: Poker Face/Lady Gaga is awesome!
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I'd take my Gm scale and move up a half step on the fretboard et voila - G#m or Abm.

Don't look for songs that fit, transpose.
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I'd take my Gm scale and move up a half step on the fretboard et voila - G#m or Abm.

Don't look for songs that fit, transpose.


Just play stuff you already like a step below or above, and move from there until you can move it anywhere.
I hope you understand that the key of the song doesn't really determine what the song sounds like. Unless you have perfect pitch hearing you can't hear the difference between a song being in Gb minor or G minor without a reference point. Songs may sound better in one key than another, but that key doesn't create a certain sound.