Ok so,there's this danish,finnish,or german band that has a female and male vocalist...at least in the video i watched /: but the music video had a white background...acoustic and electric guitars...a dj....i think the name of the song had dj in it ._. could anyone help me?
Yesss it's waka flocka O_O lol jk i think it was like folk rock or metal. Been months since i last heard it.
hm. the female singer had a soft mellow type voice and the guy had a really low voice. Can't remember any lyrics..as for riffs,can't remember those sorry
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Is this the band you're looking for?

I still don't understand why people who made this couldn' have synced the thrusting with the sound. The thrusting rate matches the tempo, it's just a matter of cutting those two little video cuts that the whole 10 hours consist of into appropriate sizes ._.
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did you actually listen to it lol

if it was on youtube, and you have an account, then just go through you history. failing that then brower history?
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I watched it over and over because it was funny as hell but it was like a year ago and i wasn't signed into youtube XD
close but no i guess i'll have to ask my friend if i see him again but thank you for all of your help sorry for takng your time.
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guize i remember how it goes do da do do da dado do da ... dada do da.
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