I will pre-empt this question by saying I've done some searching around this forum and the Interwebs and can't seem to find an answer that makes sense to me.

I live in an apartment (yay!) and in an effort to not disturb the neighbors, I want to be able to listen to music/jamtracks on my computer and play along with it on my electric guitar through all though my headphones. I have two amps, one is a portable Honeytone by Danelectro which only has a headphone jack and DC charger but I also have a Line 6 amp which I believe has more inputs/outputs (currently in storage unit so I don't have specific model #).

One thing I tried was to a female-to-male/male splitter with one male end going into the headphone jack of the amp and the other male end going to the headphone jack of the computer. I quickly realized I could only listen to one source at a time.

If you guys have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!
You can either connect the computer output to the line 6 input and the headphones to the line 6 output, or you can (this would be hella better) get an audio interface and an amp simulator to connect your guitar to your computer and play guitar through it.

Refer to the amp sims sticky and the audio interface sticky in the recording section.
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