Hello guys,

first off, this is my first post in UG, I've been lurking since 2010 and never really took part of it, but now, after years of reading, I decided to ask a few questions.

After years of searching and trying out gear I figured out the JCM 800 (head version) is the thing for me, but I have few concerns:

1. Matching it with a 4x12 cabinet (Marshall 1960A), is it too loud? Should I use a 2x12 cabinet?

2. How does it sound with a attenuator? Is that a good thing for home playing (even though I have a whole house for myself)?

3. I've found one JCM 800 used in my country, owner says it is from 1981 and in good condition, he also got tubes changed and the whole amp checked recently - the price with flight case is 1099€! I believe it is worth a shot, what is your opinion? The brand new head cost 1400€ around here ...

And the general info: beside the cheap guitar I have an Epiphone LP Standard, the genres I play are: alt rock, hard rock, punk; I will use it for both home use and gigging and I am from Slovenia, so the best options for buying new are Thomann and Esse Music shop.

Sorry if there are any crucial information missing, as I said, this is my first post here, hope I gave you enough information in the start
A 2x12 cabinet with the same speakers and more or less the same design of a 4x12 cabinet is about 3db quieter than its 4x12 counterpart, which is not much.
It does spread the sound a lot more though, so if you have the money and the space, I'd get a 4x12.

Well if the attenuator is good, it sounds good, yeah.

Prices for JCM800s have skyrocketed recently.
If you like how it sounds, €1099 for that + the flight case isn't even that bad IMO.
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Do you have any good attenuators to recommend?
I found only one guy selling used attenuator on our market (Weber MASS 100W), but I have no clue whether this is good or not, so a little help with choosing the right attenuator is welcome

And about the prices - when I was checking ebay, I found some 2203s seeling for €1500, so I think I have a good deal on that, considering a have a chance to test it.
I wouldn't worry about an attenuator.

You don't need 100% amazing tone when you play quiet. Just dial in the amp and it will sound good.

Maybe even add a tube screamer to do a little boosting.
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Thank you

I was thinking of buying a boost/od pedal anyway, for playing in the low input to achieve that 'clean' sound and then increasing the guitar volume and kick in the pedal to spice the thing up

I just hope the thing won't be too loud for the neighbours around

again, thank you both for your input so far!