So today while messin around I came up with an idea for a song. It's a song about a guy that randomly comes up to me after a show or something and tells me that aliens are coming for me and they are going to attack me. he's a little crazy seeming and the idea is that the song is supposed to sound a little off key and strange. But not too off key to not even be musical.
the progression is Ab G C C Ab G C C Ab G F F Ab G C C

I understand this is a weak progression but it's not really supposed to be that great
now im certain this is not in any specific key, but for some reason im having a hard time figuring out if the c and f sound too off in it or not. It's pretty close to Ab major key but the c and f are supposed to be minors. and when i play the song as those it definitely does sound more musical, but just doesn't sound right for the song.

I'm at a loss, I feel stupid even asking this question
^^^ Which chord does you song resolve on/feel like home? Im thinking C.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
thank you guys very much for the responses. Yea it resolves to a c. I ended up just changing the chords to fm and cm because they sounded better. I also decided to "seriousinize" it and do a little mixing and mastering just because I love messing around and experimenting. It's very rudimentary and short so don't judge but you can have a listen, if you dare lol. Also a good chance to establish my noobiness and potential strangeness as I am a new member of the ug boards!

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thank you guys very much for the responses. Yea it resolves to a c.

Sure, well before you changed the chords the non-diatonic chord Ab was borrowed from the parallel minor.

Now that you changed the C and F chords to minor chords all chords are diatonic to the key C minor (G forming part of the harmonic minor).
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I guess the only thing I would say is...don't worry about whether something "works" in music. Worry more about whether 1) it's what you, as the songwriter/composer, want AND 2) it fits the song/piece. As JNBloomy said, in context, anything can sound good. So, make sure it fits the particular part of song/piece.
bVI chords are really usual in major key. There's nothing wrong with using accidentals. It's a chord borrowed from the parallel minor if you are in C major. But if you changed the C to Cm, it's no longer borrowing chords. As Alan said, now all your chords are diatonic to Cm. But that doesn't mean it's any better or worse or more correct than using all majors. It's all about the sound you are after.

Remember that theory doesn't tell you what to do. It just explains music. And it can explain anything. There is no right or wrong in music.
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